Convert amount into sort format In PHP

Convert any amount into sort form in thousand, million, billion then in this post we have shared simple php function to convert any big amount to it’s sort form.

Get Current Controller Name and Method Name in CodeIgniter

In this tutorial, I will show you how to get current controller name and method name in Codeigniter. In some cases we need to get current controller name or current method name.

How to Auto Post on Twitter with PHP

Twitter provide API which we can use for auto post on twitter. So here are the demo for the use of twitter API. This is very simple process. You will have to follow only few step for using the twitter API.

Auto Post On Facebook Using PHP

I will show you, how to post automatically post on Facebook page using PHP Facebook Graph API. First one we have to create Facebook App go to and follow the instructions. and get your Access Token and secret key,…

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration using PHP

In this article, we are going to see about implementing Stripe payment gateway and how to integrate using PHP. There are so many payment gayeway available to integrate payment gateway in an application. For example, PayPal, Stripe, Sage Pay, CCAvenue and there is a long list out there. They provide…

Send Push Notification in Android using Firebase and PHP

In this tutorial, I will show you how to implement send push notifications from Firebase or from Custom PHP Console. This tutorial will help you, that lets you deliver messages at no cost. It can be used to send an unlimited number of notifications to your application.

How to Display a PDF File with mobile friendly in a HTML Web Page

In this article, I’ll look at a simple approach for including PDF support in your web application with mobile responsive. PDF is one of the most used for the web today. Every day people all around the world read PDF files, invoices, books etc on their devices. However, it’s not so easy if you want…

Create Thumbnails of an existing PDF document

In most of the website for some reasons we have a option to upload a PDF file and create preview thumbnails from uploaded PDF file. So in this tutorial I will explain you how to create a PDF preview image in PHP.

WM Zoom jQuery Plugin For Image Hover Inner Zoom

WM Zoom is a jQuery plugin that creates a magnifier overlay on the image and displays the high definition image inside it. Also provides a config to provide Inner zoom functionality as you mouse hover on the image.

Send email using mailgun API without library

Mailgun is good service provider which is allows you to send bulk emails via Mailgun API. Mailgun assembled a MIME message. In short, SMTP is an open and established protocol with large ecosystem, while Mailgun API is better long term performance and maintenance wise. Mailgun service is an Email automation…

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