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CodeIgniter | Latest Tutorials

How to Setup Maintenance Mode in CodeIgniter Using Hooks

Learn how to use hooks in CodeIgniter to create a custom maintenance mode page for your web application. This tutorial will show you how to enable and disable maintenance mode with a simple config variable.

How to Create Zip File Using CodeIgniter

Learn how to create zip files using PHP in CodeIgniter. Step-by-step guide, advanced techniques, and practical use cases for efficient file management.

How to Create Dynamic XML Sitemap in Codeigniter

Learn how to create a dynamic XML sitemap for your Codeigniter website to improve search engine visibility. Follow our SEO-friendly guide, complete with example code.

Upload Image and Create Thumbnail in CodeIgniter

Upload Image and Create Thumbnail in CodeIgniter - A comprehensive guide on how to implement image uploads and thumbnail generation in CodeIgniter, complete with example code and best practices for web development.

Text to Speech using Amazon Polly API in PHP

Amazon Polly is a cloud service that allows us to convert any Text to Speech in real-time. Also, there is an option to download into MP3 format.

Create stripe refund using php

Learn how to create Stripe refunds using PHP for seamless e-commerce transactions. Step-by-step guide for processing refunds with Stripe and PHP.

How to send an email via SMTP Server in PHP using PHPMailer

PHPMailer is a open source library and used to send emails via PHP code from a web server. The easiest way to send email in PHP with SMTP.

Convert amount into sort format In PHP

Convert any amount into sort form in thousand, million, billion then in this post we have shared simple php function to convert any big amount to it’s sort form.

Get Current Controller Name and Method Name in CodeIgniter

In this tutorial, I will show you how to get current controller name and method name in Codeigniter. In some cases we need to get current controller name or current method name.

Square Payment gateway integration using php

Seamlessly integrate Square Payment Gateway into your PHP application for secure online transactions with our easy step-by-step guide.

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