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PHP | Latest Tutorials

How to Setup Maintenance Mode in CodeIgniter Using Hooks

Learn how to use hooks in CodeIgniter to create a custom maintenance mode page for your web application. This tutorial will show you how to enable and disable maintenance mode with a simple config variable.

How To Send A SMS Using Amazon SNS service

Amazon SNS: Scalable messaging service for sending notifications across multiple channels like SMS, email, and mobile push.

How to Create Zip File Using CodeIgniter

Learn how to create zip files using PHP in CodeIgniter. Step-by-step guide, advanced techniques, and practical use cases for efficient file management.

How to download YouTube Video thumbnails using PHP

YouTube generates multiple thumbnails for each video, and users can easily download YouTube Video thumbnails by modifying the URLs.

How to connect remote MySQL database using PHP

Discover the essential steps to connect a remote MySQL database in PHP. This guide provides instructions for establishing a secure connection

How Store and Display Image from MySQL Database using PHP

Learn How Store and Display Image from MySQL Database using PHP. MySQL has a BLOB (binary large object) data type that can store a large number of binary data.

Get image width and height using php

Learn easy and quick way to find image width and Hight using php inbuilt function.

How to search Multidimensional Array By Value using php

Learn how to search a multidimensional array by value in PHP using the array_search and array_column functions. Explore a concise and efficient approach for array manipulation in PHP development.

Sorting Multi dimensional Array by Date in Ascending order in PHP

Learn how to sort a multi-dimensional array by date in ascending order in PHP with this comprehensive guide.

Mastering PHP Array Manipulation GROUP BY and SUM Techniques

Learn how to efficiently use GROUP BY and SUM functions in PHP to organize and calculate values within arrays. This step-by-step tutorial covers everything you need to know for effective data manipulation.

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