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Bar Chart Using Pure CSS

Simple way to create bar chart using HTML and CSS Only. I want to figure out all the ways to make bar chart with CSS. I think it's interesting that there are a million different ways to style charts and data on the web. it's great for learning about new and unfamiliar technologies. In this case: CSS…

Pure CSS Pie Chart

Simple way to create Pie chart using HTML and CSS only.

Move Cursor to next text Field pressing Enter

In this article, you'll know how to cursor moves to another text-field pressing Enter. We have multiple text fields in the form and we want when we enters data in one text field and press enter that the cursor moves to another text-field which is next to current text field.

Autocomplete dropdown using jquery plugin

The Autocomplete provides suggestions while you type into the field. Here the suggestions are city names, displayed when at least one characters are entered into the textfield. The datasource is a server-side script which returns JSON data, specified via a function which uses jQuery.ajax() for the source…

Simple Testimonial slider using HTML and CSS and JS

In this article I have gone through all it's the basic part of Html CSS & javascript. After reading this tutorial you will be expert in creating any types of testimonials just using the HTML CSS and javascript and the main things of this tutorial is responsive you can see after creating such a testimonials…

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