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Nodejs CMS a wonderful Open source CMS

Oct 20, 2023

Nodejs CMS a wonderful Open source CMS

Explore the Nodejs CMS advantages of open source Node.jsCMS platforms for seamless content management, flexibility, and scalability.

Nodejs CMS is a modern and open-source Content Management System (CMS) designed for creating and managing websites, particularly for bloggers and publications. It is known for its simplicity, speed, and a focus on content creation. It's not called "nodecms ghost"; it's just "Ghost." However, it is built on Node.js, which is why you might have seen the term "node" associated with it.

Architecture of Nodejs CMS

At its amount Ghost is a self-consuming, RESTful JSON API with decoupled admin applicant and front-end. Ghost comes with a absence Handlebars.js frontend for accepting a armpit active as bound as possible, as able-bodied as detailed documentation for alive with the API anon or application provided SDKs and headless front-end framework integrations.

For editors, Ghost has the affluent editor which every biographer wants, but beneath the awning it delivers far added ability than you would expect. All agreeable is stored in a standardized JSON-based document storage format called MobileDoc, which includes support for extensible rich media objects called Cards.

Because Ghost is actually open source, built as a JSON API, has webhooks, and gives you abounding ascendancy over the front-end: It integrates with absolutely everything. Browse a ample agenda of integrations with instructions, or body any address of custom affiliation yourself by autograph a little JavaScript and Markup to do whatever you want.

Data & Storage

Ghost ships with the Bookshelf.js ORM layer by absence acceptance for a range of databases to be used. Currently, SQLite3 is the accurate absence in development while MySQL is recommended for production. Other databases are available and compatible, but not accurate by the amount team.

Additionally, while Ghost uses local file storage by default it's also possible to use custom storage adapters to make your filesystem completely external. There is a fairly wide range of pre-made storage adapters for Ghost already available for use.

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