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How to Setup Maintenance Mode in CodeIgniter Using Hooks

Learn how to use hooks in CodeIgniter to create a custom maintenance mode page for your web application. This tutorial will show you how to enable and disable maintenance mode with a simple config variable.

How To Send A SMS Using Amazon SNS service

Amazon SNS: Scalable messaging service for sending notifications across multiple channels like SMS, email, and mobile push.

How to Build a Character and Word Counter Using Javascript

Learn to build a dynamic Word and Character Counter using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Enhance your web development skills with this step-by-step tutorial.

How to Create Zip File Using CodeIgniter

Learn how to create zip files using PHP in CodeIgniter. Step-by-step guide, advanced techniques, and practical use cases for efficient file management.

How To Create an Analog Clock using JavaScript and CSS

Learn to create an analog clock with JavaScript and CSS. Step-by-step guide for building a custom real-time clock for your website.

How to Create CSS Page Scroll Animations

Enhance user engagement with captivating Page Scroll Animations. Elevate your website's visual appeal effortlessly.

The Significant Guide to Quantum Computing

Dive into the quantum realm with our guide on quantum computing, exploring principles, technologies, and real-world applications.

Top web design trends to dominate in 2024

top web design trends poised to dominate in 2024: immersive 3D, sustainability, AI, and more!

How to download YouTube Video thumbnails using PHP

YouTube generates multiple thumbnails for each video, and users can easily download YouTube Video thumbnails by modifying the URLs.

How to connect remote MySQL database using PHP

Discover the essential steps to connect a remote MySQL database in PHP. This guide provides instructions for establishing a secure connection

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